Scariest Horror Movie Dolls

Around this time of year, movie studios and television networks blast our senses with a deluge of ax murderers, demons, witches, and killer clowns. One thing that most people enjoy is the rush of being frightened while still enjoying the relative safety of our reclining theater seats, comfy couches, or heavily blanketed beds. Besides clowns, one of the scariest genres of scary movie characters is dolls. No sane person likes to think of their favorite little inanimate playmate coming to life to chase them with a knife or even a menacing glare, but who said movie makers were sane? So, from Chucky to Annabelle, here is a brief look at some of the scariest dolls of the movies. See if you can name them.

ChuckyDoll    jigsaw    puppetmaster



annabelle     dead silence dummy    Magic


poltergeist clown    Puppet-Master-2-5    600full-puppet-master-screenshot    The doll from Tales From The Hood, 1995.dolly dearest    pinocchio

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Third biggest mobile carrier has scored exclusive rights to sell Microsoft’s game console

“Microsoft’s Xbox One will soon gain access to 104 million potential customers courtesy of a deal with mobile carrier China Telecom.” (Source)

Xbox One's June Update Detailed

Xbox One’s June Update Detailed (Photo credit: BagoGames)


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How To Recruit and Retain Millenials

millennialsHow do you keep the cream of the crop working at your company? About 60 percent of millennials leave their companies in three years or less. Each loss of an employee, especially a sharp one, can cost thousands in lost revenue and training. Here are some helpful tips to recruit and keep them in your company.

1 Go to them instead of having them come to you. Instead of going through hundreds of online applications, go to millennial hangouts and hot spots like universities, small business clubs, industry meetups, and social media. Although they are not a different species, engaging with them on their turf allows an observance of their communication and leadership skills. Although they may not know it, their interview process has already begun and you will seem like the “coolest” boss to work for.

2. Define their path. Once hired, ongoing training keeps young employees interested and benefits the company overall. If they are as talented as you thought, they will jump at the chance to receive more training in areas they are interested and will feel your company is a great fit for their needs. Millennials want to develop their careers and if your organization can deliver, they will be with you for a long time.

3. Make them part of the big decisions. Provide opportunities for them to lead and work on their own. Cross-train and give them projects to lead so you can “grow” the next crop of project managers in your company. Ban the old tradition of leaving the junior team members outside of the conference rooms and let them in to infuse fresh ideas into your company.

4. Rehire. Since most employees don’t stay with the same company for their entire career, be ready to accept them back if they have left previously. If they leave the company on good terms, and they are sharp, this is a great opportunity to bring what they have learned on the outside into your company.


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Leaked Footage Shows IOS 8 Running on IPhone 6

What It Means To Be Happy At Work

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