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Encouraging Our Youth in STEM

The Plum Rogers Scholarship: Give Back

We never leave anyone behind. Our job is to inspire, and motivate the youth in our communities to reach for the stars. We want to help them become scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. They cannot do this alone. We still believe that “it takes a village to raise a child.” With your help, we hope to encourage a new generation of youth to strive to become the greatest technological minds in the world. You must believe that no matter how much you give, it will make a difference. As our First Lady Michelle Obama so eloquently put into words “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the differences you make in people’s lives.” Your greatest gift is service.

Here at NuGeneration (WD) LLC, we are made up of veterans who understand sacrifices, and service to our country. We are not a Fortune 500 company, but we strive to be so much more. Our dedication lies within service to others, and we are on a mission to give back. We served our country honorably, and in turn, our country, served us by providing the means (G.I. Bill) through which we could complete a college degree in any subject to our liking. We chose STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career fields.

Why we encourage STEM?

We want to push the latest technological advances that will help move our great nation forward. Whether we are building Web sites to help companies convey their messages to consumers, or building the latest applications for Web and mobile users, we are able to apply the knowledge of logical reasoning, collaboration, and investigation to all our applications. The goal of STEM education is to prepare students for post-secondary study and the 21st century workforce and we are here to make that happen. With the help of your donation, we will give to those students aspiring to become the best in STEM fields, who greatly need a boost from our helping hands. At the end of each school year, you will see the difference your donation has made.

Give Back!

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“When you walk through that door of opportunity, you don’t slam it shut behind you.” ~ Michelle Obama


Mr. Plum Rogers is the inspiration behind the “Give Back” initiative. Mr. Rogers was a loving father, husband, former deputy sheriff, church deacon, and entrepreneur. He was not a rich man in terms of monetary value, but was full of riches within his heart and blessings. He was a beacon of goodness and reliability in his community and he always gave back to those that were less fortunate than him. He was the ultimate figure of solidity and encouragement and proof that anyone can succeed with hard work and dedication. Mr. Rogers passed away on Friday, March 15, 2013 at the age of 84. After retirement from the sheriff’s department, Mr. Rogers started his own taxi cab service. He provided rides free of charge to those who could not afford it. His motto was “Don’t thumb, call Plum.” Plum was a resident of Williamston, North Carolina.

NuGeneration Web Design is happy to “Give Back” to our community in the of name Mr. Plum Rogers.