The 2013 recipient of the Plum Rogers Scholarship is:

Jamil McKoy

grad hatRealizing there are more expenses than just college tuition, the Plum Rogers Scholarship was set up to help aspiring college students majoring in STEM fields pay for textbooks, supplies, and anything else needed to facilitate learning. As he prepared for graduation, this year’s recipient, Jamil McKoy, dreamed of attending college which was something that appeared nearly impossible a few years earlier.  As a member of a military family, he had become accustomed to friends moving away and making new ones every year.  In 2008, it was his turn as the family moved to Alaska for almost four years.

Jamil’s outlook changed after arriving in Alaska as there were personalities, attitudes, and a new culture to adjust to.  Always an honor student, his grades fell and by his junior year in high school, his college future looked dim.  After their tour in Alaska was complete, his family moved to Maryland and he was driven by a need to excel and improve his grades enough to be accepted into college.  Months of hard work eventually paid off and once again he consistently made it onto the honor roll in which he averaged a 4.06 GPA during one semester.  His drive and determination led to him being accepted to Capitol College where he will pursue a degree in engineering.

Although there were many worthy candidates for the scholarship, Jamil’s demeanor and the way he overcame his many academic and personal obstacles on his path to graduation made him the perfect first recipient of the Plum Rogers Scholarship which is named after his great-grandfather.