Professional Web development Companies

Professional Web development Companies (via pinreporter)

In the modern competitive online world, a highly designed website forms the backbone of a typical business. An experienced and reputed Amazon Affiliate Stores company plays an important role in reaching your company objectives and goals. If you’re…

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Features of the Best Web Design Company

Features of the Best Web Design Company (via

Custom web design services are essential for any online business. A professional and well made website is destined to enhance the profitability of your company. Customers are willing to spend more time on a website that looks professional, easy to navigate…

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Why is PHP web development getting valuable?

Why is PHP web development getting valuable? (via

PHP is indeed the most frequently visited technology in the web for web apps development. It rules the other scripting languages for website development, a leader in the web world. As technology is seeping to every area of our lives the need for recognition…

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Worst Fitness Inventions Ever

There have been many cool fitness inventions over the last few years.  With the iPod, you could run for miles while listening to music and, with the right equipment, calculate the amount of miles traveled.  Fitness videos have been around for many years and we’ve gone from the slow paced videos of the eighties and nineties, to the intensity of P90X.  But, fitness has always been a part of our make up.  Although now they seem ridiculous, take a look at some of the worst fitness inventions ever made.

The Dumbbell Cane:  Year:  1910; Although not on a par with the shake weight (which is also weird), it definitely did help individuals with their fitness.  But…a cane?  Who would use it?









Sanitized Tapeworms:  From about 100 years ago.  Tapeworms feed on digested food in the intestines.  Need we say more?











The Prostate Gland Warmer:  Enough to bring any man to his knees.  Just use your imagination on this one.









Last but not least, the 1950s Relaxacizor:  delivering high voltage to your sore muscles.  Amazingly, 400,000 of these devices were sold before they were banned for making preexisting medical conditions worse.







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Steady Engineering

spoonInHandPlantOne of the reasons the US needs to heavily invest in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields is the need for new innovation in medicine.  One company, Lift Labs, is using their expertise to help people stricken with Parkinson’s disease.  The disease makes many common activities difficult for many because of the uncontrollable trembling.  The company has created a spoon that detects the trembling of Parkinson’s patients, and steadies the utensil so they can eat without trouble or embarrassment.

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About This Video
In this video, Jacques Victor shows how to generate and interact with UML Sequence Diagrams within Visual Studio 2010. A sequence diagram visualizes interaction of objects and the lifetime of involved objects, therefore showing which objects communicate with other objects and what messages are triggered as part of the communication.

Presented By: Jacques Victor

Toy Blast From the Past

Kind of crazy to see how much toys have changed over the years.  Take a trip back down memory lane to some of the eighties’ coolest(?) toys.  See any you recognize?

rubixcabbagepatch simon  smurf    mylittleponyninjaturtles







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Nine Word E-mail?


email-iconI’ve worked with many people who like to talk.  Some of them endlessly and incessantly.  I know many of us have sat in long meetings while the person at the end of the conference room table gives their take on politics, health, economics, and just about anything that has nothing to do with company business.  I’ve always thought that meetings should be fifteen minutes or less since you should be able to gauge how business is going by daily observation.  That’s what drew me to the concept of the nine word e-mail.


Sure, marketing experts always come up with many types of ways to build business leads.  But, I think this one could also work well in everyday business.  We are already a short message society with the advent of texting over the years.  With a few changes, the way you speak to your friends and family in these short burst texts should be the way you relate to your customers, making them feel as though they know you.  “Are you still having problems with your web site?” has gotten us further than going into a three paragraph explanation about why a system, software, or site, could use a lot of attention.  The best way to find a prospect is not to harass them, but send them the exact information they need at the moment.




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Why email sucks and what we can do about it

Why email sucks and what we can do about it (via Pando Daily)

By Erez Pilosof On August 27, 2013Once upon a time, getting an email was exciting. The icon for a tiny red flag would pop up, and your eyes would light up. In the 1990s, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were even in a Nora Ephron movie that lionized the power…

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School hires firm to monitor kids online

School hires firm to monitor kids online (via CNN Video)

The Glendale Unified School District has hired a company to monitor and analyze its student social media presence.

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