Plum Rogers Scholarship Recipient Chosen


Jake Martin

grad hatRealizing there are more expenses than just college tuition, the Plum Rogers Scholarship was set up to help aspiring college students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields pay for textbooks, supplies, and anything else needed to facilitate learning. This award was created to assist students interested in majoring in fields who also displayed a passion for helping others. Plum Rogers embodied this drive for excellence and service to others.

Jake’s interest in biomedical engineering, grade point average, and interest in assisting the community fit the criteria for the award. Jake, from Farrington High School in Hawaii, is ranked in the top five percent of his class with a 4.03 average. He tutored elementary students, volunteered with children’s drug prevention and use groups, and participated in and led community cleanups. He was also a member of the varsity swimming team and Math team.

Congratulations Jake! We look forward to seeing, and hearing, about great things from you.

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These Sites Will Tell You If You’ve Been Hacked

Security Questions
Security Questions (Photo credit: Dave Delaney)

I just recently checked to see if my email account had been compromised at a site called PwnedList, and sure enough, it had. This is what the query returned:


Unfortunately we have found your email in the data leaks we’ve collected thus far. Here’s a little more information:

We have found this account at least 1 times since July of 2011
It was last discovered approximately 6 months ago, on 2013-11-11.

You should probably run the query again to check if any of your other addresses may have been compromised.”

Forbes has an interesting article on the different websites that will check your accounts for any “hacked” activity. See the excerpt below.

“Heartbleed, the massive flaw in web encryption recently made public, is just one of the unending stream of vulnerabilities that enables hackers to steal personal details and passwords from companies with which you do business.

Of recent, a number of websites have opened up shop to alert users when such attacks happen.

For example, allows you to enter in an email address to see if hackers have compromised it. For example, a check of one email address I use only with companies showed that it had been breached in October – along with 153 million others — when Adobe’s accounts were hacked.” Source

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Do Not Disrespect Queen Bey…SNL’s Hilarious Take

Beyonce, Beygency, Beyhive

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Advancement of Internet of Things

iotWho doesn’t want to make life simpler? Unfortunately, with fast moving and advancing technology, it seems our lives are becoming more difficult to navigate. Technologists are constantly finding ways to make our lives a little easier when a need has been identified. With the Internet of Things, the need has not been completely identified by consumers, but the technology is advancing nonetheless. Strides are quickly being made in the design and use of this networking method which closes the divide between dissimilar objects by embedding sensors within and linking them through wireless networks.

Theoretically, this technology will allow the new breed of devices, such as refrigerators, ovens, thermostats, and almost anything imaginable, to communicate wirelessly with their owners and each other. Devices that communicate with each other can make their owners lives much easier. For example, the alarm clock wakes its user and communicates simultaneously to the thermostat, shower, and automobile to get warm and ready for the owner’s workday. A major design issue involves getting all of these disparate devices which reside on different manufacturer protocols to communicate together.

Qualcomm, a major chipmaker, has created its own open-sourced platform, called AllJoyn, which links devices from different manufacturers even if they have different communications standards. So, instead of users awkwardly trying to make these devices work together, this new standard will tie these “things” together, allowing them to synchronize and be used together. The electronic interface in this example, the wireless network, must have not only its characteristics defined, but the characteristics of each device also.

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Cool Travel App for Hassle Free Driving

hudway_1We have all done it and hated it. Driving under miserable conditions with low visibility can be a nightmare, especially if you are in a unfamiliar territory. The Heads Up Display, or Hudway, is a free navigation application that gives drivers a little piece of mind if they happen to encounter these conditions.  What sets this app apart from traditional navigation systems is that it projects an image of the roadway onto the windshield, preventing the need to adjust, reset, or otherwise touch the smartphone while driving. A route can be preset, saved, and used while offline in cases where there is no internet or wireless connection. The app operates utilizing Google Maps where you build a route on the map, which the app then loads so it can be used offline. Place the phone on your dashboard and you’re all set as driving directions are displayed reflected off the glass.

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BASIC is 50 years old

Steve Jobs rendered in Applesoft BASIC
Steve Jobs rendered in Applesoft BASIC (Photo credit: blakespot)
BASIC is 50 years old (via The Inquirer)

10 LET “date” = “1st May 1964” 20 LET “place” = “Dartmouth College, New Hampshire” 30 PRINT “John G Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz designed BASIC” BASIC was designed to allow users of the Dartmouth college timesharing mainframe to write programs, even if…

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Did the NSA Know About and Exploit Heartbleed?

Plausible deniability.

The National Security Agency knew of the existence of the catastrophic bug for at least two years and kept it a secret from the public and the cybersecurity community in order to exploit it, according to a bombshell report from Bloomberg News. However, the agency is denying the story.


National Security Agency seal
National Security Agency seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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