Cool Travel App for Hassle Free Driving

hudway_1We have all done it and hated it. Driving under miserable conditions with low visibility can be a nightmare, especially if you are in a unfamiliar territory. The Heads Up Display, or Hudway, is a free navigation application that gives drivers a little piece of mind if they happen to encounter these conditions.  What sets this app apart from traditional navigation systems is that it projects an image of the roadway onto the windshield, preventing the need to adjust, reset, or otherwise touch the smartphone while driving. A route can be preset, saved, and used while offline in cases where there is no internet or wireless connection. The app operates utilizing Google Maps where you build a route on the map, which the app then loads so it can be used offline. Place the phone on your dashboard and you’re all set as driving directions are displayed reflected off the glass.

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BASIC is 50 years old

Steve Jobs rendered in Applesoft BASIC

Steve Jobs rendered in Applesoft BASIC (Photo credit: blakespot)

BASIC is 50 years old (via The Inquirer)

10 LET “date” = “1st May 1964″ 20 LET “place” = “Dartmouth College, New Hampshire” 30 PRINT “John G Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz designed BASIC” BASIC was designed to allow users of the Dartmouth college timesharing mainframe to write programs, even if…

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The 2014 Plum Rogers Scholarship Recipient Will Be Announced Soon!

Victoria Secret Model Is Also A Computer Programmer

ABC US News | ABC Business News

“Model Lyndsey Scott has brains and beauty, using her spare time to design mobile apps.”

Did the NSA Know About and Exploit Heartbleed?

Plausible deniability.

The National Security Agency knew of the existence of the catastrophic bug for at least two years and kept it a secret from the public and the cybersecurity community in order to exploit it, according to a bombshell report from Bloomberg News. However, the agency is denying the story.


National Security Agency seal

National Security Agency seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Six Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Cybercrime

0 Comments Six Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Cybercrime (via HackSurfer)

Cybercrime is a worldwide problem, threatening individual users and businesses both, but if we look at a smaller scale, it’s easy to see the impact it is having. Take the UK. Last year, over 9 million adults in Britain have had their accounts hacked…

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ProfNet Experts Available on Office Hazards, Cybercrime, More


cybercrime (Photo credit: Ian Muttoo)


ProfNet Experts Available on Office Hazards, Cybercrime, More (via PR Newswire)

Also in This Edition: Jobs for Writers and Media Industry Blog Posts NEW YORK, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Below are experts from the ProfNet network that are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area. If you are interested in interviewing…


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Oakland Teen Akintunde Ahmad Accepted at Ivy League Schools With 5.0 GPA and 2100 SAT Score

Ivy League logo

Ivy League logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I am a product of Oakland Public Schools.”

Oakland Teen Akintunde Ahmad has a 5.0 GPA, scores 2100 on SAT, and has been accepted into Ivy League Schools. Judged, and often overlooked for his appearance, very few believe him when he tells them his GPA of 5.0, and a 2100 on his SAT. Akintunde keeps his SAT scores and his GPA on his smartphone for those who doubt him. Inspiring story! Watch the video below.

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Flemington Girl Scouts learn coding and video game design at Game-U

Flemington Girl Scouts learn coding and video game design at Game-U (via

The term “3D printing” is something many people don’t understand. In simple terms, it’s a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. A group of Flemington Girl Scouts learned about it and…

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Sophisticated Attacks Drive Cybercrime’s Future

Sophisticated Attacks Drive Cybercrime’s Future (via Identity Theft 911 blog)

Recently, hacking attempts have become more sophisticated as an emerging trend, according to a study by IT firm Websense reported by Dark Reading. Although the attacks are not customized to the extent that the software itself is new every time, the…

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