Flemington Girl Scouts learn coding and video game design at Game-U

Flemington Girl Scouts learn coding and video game design at Game-U (via NJ.com)

The term “3D printing” is something many people don’t understand. In simple terms, it’s a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. A group of Flemington Girl Scouts learned about it and…

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Sophisticated Attacks Drive Cybercrime’s Future

Sophisticated Attacks Drive Cybercrime’s Future (via Identity Theft 911 blog)

Recently, hacking attempts have become more sophisticated as an emerging trend, according to a study by IT firm Websense reported by Dark Reading. Although the attacks are not customized to the extent that the software itself is new every time, the…

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This Device Can Charge Your Phone In 30 Seconds

If you have a smartphone, you probably know the horrible feeling of packing up to leave the house, only to realize your smartphone is about to die.

Such a situation leaves you in a pickle. Do you risk being late for a couple minutes of precious, precious charge? Or do you resign yourself to an afternoon without email, Instagram and Candy Crush?

Enter StoreDot, an Israeli tech startup that hopes to make this exact conundrum a thing of the past. The company claims to have created a new battery pack that can fully charge your phone in a mere 30 seconds. Yes, even if you’re at zero percent.

The pack, which premiered Monday at a Microsoft Think Next event in Tel Aviv, relies on microscopic magnets called “nanodots” to enable its game-changing charger. As you can see in the above video, the prototype attaches to a phone that is then juiced up in half a minute.


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Site Hijacking: The Ultimate Content Theft

Site Hijacking: The Ultimate Content Theft (via Plagiarism Today)

On this site, we’ve talked a great deal about ways that spammers, scrapers and others can (and do) steal content. There are human plagiarists that are quick to copy content from one site and put it on another, there are RSS scrapers that lift the…

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3D Printing: A Machine That Can Make Copies Of Almost Anything

3D Printer

It may seem like science fiction, but 3D printing is already in use. Just imagine, a machine that can make copies of almost anything, but in 3D. The machine can build hearing aids, jewelry, shoes, and even parts for NASA. Check out the video from Global News below.

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Spring Promotion! 15% Off When You Shop or Register

Spring Promotion: 15% Off

Use Promo Code: NUGENSPR and welcome Spring with NuGeneration Web Design, LLC! Enjoy 15% off when you register a domain or shop with us!
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Cloak Takes an “Antisocial” Approach

cloak-side     The market is flooded with applications presenting opportunities to meet new people. Some of the apps and programs almost force you to use your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ information to sign in or sign up for new services. Our online social lives and communities have expanded to an almost unmanageable level. Unfortunately, being online and available has become such a necessity that we can’t just “unplug” sometimes.

The creators of the Cloak app understand you can’t always “unplug,” but, you can avoid face-to-face confrontations with people who are no longer in your circle of friends, ex-significant others, and current or past business associates. Cloak currently is only compatible with Foursquare and Instagram, but will be expanding to other programs soon. It takes the users’ information from these apps to plot their location and the location of their contacts. You can then mark the contacts you do not want to encounter. The app alerts you when you are within a certain radius of them so a decision can be made to whether to avoid them. Hopefully, there are not too many “avoidable” people or there will not be too many places you can go!

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Street Fighter IV: The Most Famous Video Fighting Game

DecapreThey say smashing and destroying your opponents in these games helps to relieve stress. These games also, supposedly, are a huge skill builder in terms of getting fans involved in all facets of technology such as networking (a lagging network is a gamer’s nightmare), engineering (systems and controller interface), animation, and programming.

Last weekend, fight gamers converged on the South’s hub, Atlanta, for the Final Round 17 tournament. The three day tournament boasted many professionals, amateurs, and fans playing and watching in person and online. Attendees played various fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom. The most popular games at these tournaments is Super Street Fighter IV. Street Fighter has been a mainstay of the gaming world for over twenty years. It has gone through many iterations and takes an immense  amount of skill to play. One of the participants, whose player name is Sonyono, loves the skill building aspects of this game.  The original Street Fighter had a few basic moves. Each version built on these  moves until we have the version available today. A new character was announced for the new Street Fighter game debuting June 2014. The hits keep on coming with this title and, with its large fan following, will continue well in to the future.

Event Hub: Sonyono takes a page out of Desk’s books…

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IBM Announces Security Forensics Capabilities to Help Protect Critical Data

IBM Announces Security Forensics Capabilities to Help Protect Critical Data (via PR Newswire)

New analytics and automation helps any IT security team quickly identify and defend against hidden threats IBM Corporation logo. (PRNewsFoto/IBM Corporation) ARMONK, N.Y., Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a powerful appliance…

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Aligning IT Projects with Business Strategy

Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is critically important to align IT projects with the business strategy so that their efforts enhance contribution to the long-term goals of the agency. Too often, an agency’s single-mindedness on short-term outcomes, like financial gain, can impact enterprise success. The idea is to strategically align projects to link with the business strategy.

A business strategy is a thorough plan to attain success along with the path taken to achieve long-term goals.  Essentially, the purpose of the business strategy is to sustain the business. One aspect of the business strategy is to apprise project planning so that a project’s success influences enterprise success. Shenhar, Milosevic, Dvir & Thamhain (2007), states that there is a missing link between the business strategy and the project plan called the project strategy. A project strategy is more than just building the product or service; it’s about making the product or service standout by boosting competition. A strategy’s success depends on how well it is executed.

On a more grandeur scale, projects and programs that are structured jointly to perform and deliver on strategic objectives are known as a portfolio.  Portfolio management aligns projects and programs with operational goals and objectives, also recognized as the organizational strategy. Project portfolio management ensures that projects and programs are controlled similarly as a method to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness of resources (Anderson, n.d., p. xx-xx). Continue Reading…

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