Worst Fitness Inventions Ever

There have been many cool fitness inventions over the last few years.  With the iPod, you could run for miles while listening to music and, with the right equipment, calculate the amount of miles traveled.  Fitness videos have been around for many years and we’ve gone from the slow paced videos of the eighties and…

Is Your Next Development Platform in the Kitchen?

[repostus jump=4 hash=44cb70f93f4287b322345f97284ff620 title=Is+Your+Next+Development+Platform+in+the+Kitchen%3F host=Dice+News+in+Tech short=1BGVO snip=The+Internet+of+Things+is+alive+and+growing.+Household+gadgets+drop-shipped+via+UPS%2C+appliances%2C+and+even+cars+are+steadily+joining+mobile+devices+on+the+information+superhighway+%28which%2C+for+those+of+you+who+don%E2%80%99t+know%2C+is+what+we+called+the+Internet+back+in+the+day%29.+Some+connect+to+your+smartphone%26hellip%3B thumb=4777114] Related articles Considering Developing Business Apps? EliteGoodsOnline.com Opens Its Virtual Doors, Providing US Consumers with a New Online Shopping Platform unf***ing the habitat, one step at a time.